Expressing gratitude

Management Philosophy

Our work is made up of ‘Expressing gratitude’ toward all of the people involved in our business:
shareholders, customers visiting our stores, business partners and employees working in our
stores and at our head office.

We, Watts group, always have the “expressing gratitude” in mind, would like to contribute to a
local community, to help all the people who support us, and to grow up with them.



“For our customer’s satisfaction”

We are making efforts to “creating the system of selling good
products at a reasonable price”.

To provide valuable products at a reasonable price continuously, we
secure profits by opening many stores. We invest it to strengthen our
appeal of products and business expansion.

“Investing in the development of valuable products that makes our
customer satisfied.
It makes our stores more attractive, increases the number of stores
and gets new M&A opportunities. By expanding our business scale,
we can take advantage of purchasing scale and profitability will be
strengthened, and more investment will be made. ”

We believe that keep this cycle is the “creating the system of selling
good products at a reasonable price” and work diligently.

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